When is the best time to conduct an inspection report on your structure?

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When is the best time to conduct an inspection report on your structure?

We’re big believers in the phrase ‘prevention is better than cure’. That’s because the adoption of a proactive maintenance regime represents a far more efficient way to keep your structures in optimum condition.

Not only does preventative maintenance minimise expenditure – it also avoids any nasty (and potentially disruptive surprises) whilst ensuring the pleasing appearance of customer-facing buildings.

But exactly how does a preventative maintenance plan come together for a tensile membrane, ETFE structure, or other complex or high-rise facility? It all depends on the completion of a thorough visual inspection report.

Many organisations approach us, Access North Structures, about these inspections in the spring and summer months, thinking it’s a safer time for our IRATA-trained rope access guys to get to work. However, these timescales don’t always suit the facility concerned. Leisure parks need to be looking their best when they open for the new season, for example, and the off-season downtime can be a more convenient time for any works to be completed.

But our clients needn’t worry about when is the ‘best time’ to conduct an inspection report on their structure. Our talented team are equipped to work, literally, whatever the weather. Using the leisure park scenario, for example, Access North are often asked to inspect and then clean or repair tensile canopies in coastal locations, during the winter months. So, whilst we may personally prefer the sun to be shining all year round (who wouldn’t?!) we simply factor everything into our risk assessment and get to work. The time of year really doesn’t pose much of an issue!

Armed with the findings of a visual inspection report, our technicians then devise the best-fit maintenance regime from that point forward, including the need for any immediate repairs. It may be that a structure requires periodic façade cleaning for example, whilst an ETFE structure, on the other hand, may simply benefit from an biannual inspections to monitor the pressure and topography of the pillows and any bird damage that may have occurred.

Whatever the scenario, our technicians will treat the facility as an asset, before outlining how best to manage it. We even use an invaluable cloud-based reporting system – Acqudo© – which allows the client to logon at anytime to view the structure’s latest report, to further improve the proactivity and efficiency of the entire process from start to finish!

If you’ve got a structure we might be able to help with, please contact us.

Our maintenance services include high level specialist cleaning, steelwork repairs and painting, roofing repairs, brickwork and repointing, PVC tensile membrane repairs, ETFE inspections and maintenance…the list goes on.

Talk to us about your structure and we’ll let you know our thoughts.