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Working at height with maximum safety and efficiency

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At a glance

A quick overview of our rope access solutions

Rapidly becoming one of the most modern, safe and cost-effective approaches to working at height, rope access allows skilled technicians to reach restricted areas without the need for heavy plant or scaffolding.

And, because we employ multi-skilled and highly motivated IRATA-trained technicians, Access North Structures is one of the UK’s leading providers of this niche methodology.

Using techniques developed from climbing, caving and abseiling, our rope access experts skilfully navigate their way around incredibly tall and complex structures including roofs, chimneys, bridges, towers, high rise buildings, roller-coasters, tensile canopies, ETFE roofs and more. With a truly multi-disciplined team, we are equipped to tackle everything from inspection reports and surveys, to system installations, maintenance and cleaning.

The result is turnkey work-at-height support which is efficient, safe, eco-friendly, affordable and non-disruptive.

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Know how

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Maintenance & inspections

Routine & efficiency

Are you tired of unexpected repair bills? Are your buildings and structures becoming a little unsightly? Is unplanned maintenance work causing a disruption to your business?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, we recommend you consider a planned, preventative maintenance regime. A more proactive approach to keeping your structures clean, safe and in optimum condition won’t just overcome the hassle and risk of sporadic repairs. It will also keep ongoing maintenance costs under control.

The height and/or complexity of the structure will pose no inconvenience to our rope access specialists. We can even work safely in tricky weather conditions and geographical locations that some conventional construction firms may shy away from. Whatever the scenario, attention to detail is always paramount.

Talk to us about your specific requirements, and perhaps we could arrange a visit to look at your structure for ourselves.

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Access North Structures - Emergencies

In case of emergency…

Because rope access is such a quick, safe and efficient way of working, our IRATA trained technicians are often called upon to carry out emergency repairs at height. So, if you are in need of a reactive response, regardless of your location, our rope access experts will be on site before your issue can escalate.

We are used to navigating hard to reach areas, which means we can make robust risk assessments and begin our work, in the time that more traditional access teams would still be gathering the equipment they need to come and see you. Addressing your issue promptly and with utmost consideration for safety and budget, is our priority.

If you need our help, please call 01484 506282 or email us.

Sectors & applications

Examples of our rope access expertise

ANS Bridge Icon

Bridge maintenance, inspections, testing, painting, pointing

ANS Bridge Icon

Lighting, bulb replacements & services inspection

ANS Lift Shaft Icon

Lift shaft access, cleaning, inspections, maintenance

ANS Visual Inspection Icon

Visual inspections, testing & reporting

ANS Roofing Icon

Roofing & guttering, debris removal, bird protection

ANS Steelwork Icon

Steelwork maintenance including cleaning, painting, bolt inspections

ANS Highrise Building Icon

High-rise buildings, old mills, over water access & banner installation/removal

ANS Christmas Decorations Icon

Christmas decorations, installation & removal

ANS Wind Turbine Icon

Wind Turbine maintenance, blade repairs & cleaning

ANS Facade Access Icon

Facade access, glazing, grouting, siliconing, window cleaning

ANS Theme Park Icon

Themepark, rollercoaster maintenance, cleaning & repainting

ANS Silo Icon

Silo access & cleaning, confined space

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