Access North dismantle iconic tensile fabric extension

Dismantling the iconic tensile fabric extension

Access North dismantle iconic venue extension

A team of six tensile fabric specialists from Access North Structures was recently tasked with meticulously dismantling the pavilion extension at a world-famous events venue in Wales, marking the end of its summer season.

The same squad first arrived at the site, which has World Heritage status, at the end of spring to erect the structure. It took two weeks to put up the vast 10m high arena annexe for the local council, using primarily rope access techniques. Four new fire doors were also designed, fabricated and installed, to help boost the capacity of the venue by 4,000.

But following the 70th annual international music festival that is held in the pavilion – an iconic milestone on the global choral calendar – the structure had to be carefully disassembled in readiness for next year’s event. This involved over 1,000m² of tensile fabric canopy being delicately removed by the Access North team, from the 12 steel struts that extend out of the main pavilion.

At almost 10 years old, the structure has helped house thousands of music fans over the past decade, who flock to the Welsh countryside for the festival every summer.

As the canopy is made from such robust material, it can withstand the pressures of repeated assembly and dismantling, but there has been natural wear and tear over time. So, the council enlisted the help of our knowledgeable and experienced tensile fabric specialists to ensure the extension’s professional and compliant installation and removal.

Iconic Tensile Fabric Extension

We took care of erecting, welding and repairing as we progressed through the venue’s construction, using rope access along with scaffold towers and powered access methods as we worked. And because we systematically labelled the hundreds of different component parts before safely packing them away in storage, the reassembly for the 2018 festival should be far more straightforward.

Berenice Northcott, managing director of Access North Structures elaborated: “The care we took with the setup of the extension to ensure its condition was retained during the build, plus the methodical process we followed when disassembling the structure, means the installation will be incredibly efficient next year.”