On the spot with Access North’s MD

On the spot with Access North’s MD

Our MD Berenice was recently put ‘On the Spot’ by The Yorkshire Post in its regular business Q&A. If you missed the papers that day, you can read the full piece below…

What was your first job?

My very first job was a Sunday paper round when I was 12. I look back on it fondly now, although I definitely recall finding it gruelling getting up at the crack of dawn – especially during the winter months! However, the Christmas bonuses from my regulars made it all worthwhile.

If you weren’t in your current position, what would you be doing?

I entered the FM industry somewhat by chance, as my background is in design and marketing. So, if I wasn’t in my current position, I’d most likely be working in this arena – I still love the industry and would most likely be running a creative business.

What was your worst mistake?

Not listening to my gut instinct! There have been times when I’ve had doubts and listened to my head – or people around me – when my gut was saying ‘no’. Through experience and heading down the wrong path in the past, I’ve learnt that my gut instinct is usually right.

What is your ideal day away from the office?

Taking time to do things I enjoy and spending quality time with my family is really important to me. So my ideal day would probably be spent relaxing with them on a nice long walk, maybe enjoying a freshly ground coffee and then catching a great film at the cinema – when I get chance!

Name one person you would most like to have dinner with and why?

Elvis Presley. He’s undeniably a legend and died just before I was born – I imagine he would have so many fascinating stories to share and I had a fond spot for his music while growing up.

What was your best subject at school?

Art and Design – I’ve always been quite visual, which is probably why I find it so exciting when we work on impressive architectural structures!

What are your hobbies?

I love channelling my creativity into things like up-cycling furniture, carpentry and doing bits of interior design.

What would you do if you won the Lottery?

The chances are pretty slim as I don’t do the lottery! However if I did – and won – I’d buy a cottage by the coast in Wells next the Sea (a special town in Norfolk) and also a beach ‘bach’ in New Zealand, for all the family to use. Then I’d invest, travel and treat my friends and family.

What’s your favourite item of clothing?

I don’t really have one – I’m not generally attached to clothing, but do enjoy shopping!

What is your favourite time of the day?

It can depend on the time of year. During the summer months I love the long late evenings, where you can sit and enjoy the outdoors after work – your day feels so much longer. But I also enjoy grabbing a freshly ground coffee first thing in a morning and spending precious time with my family, before the day begins.

What is the best thing about Yorkshire?

Yorkshire has a lot to offer, but one of the main things for me is the beautiful and rugged countryside. We live in a rural spot and are lucky to have an amazing view from our house, surrounded by stone walls, pheasants, lambs and open fields.

What would you like your epitaph to be?

This is one thing I have honestly never thought about, and I’d feel uncomfortable writing it myself. I’ll leave that in the capable hands of my husband – he’ll do a better job than me!